Things to Know About Regional SEO (Part 2)

In part 1, I discussed about how to improve your regional SEO and I gave you two of the tips you will need. Today, I will add more tips.

So, let’s begin!

  1. Build a Finer Regional Pages

Building a regional page need a little bit more details. To assure the user a significant experience, be sure to add the essentials like NAP (name, address, and phone number), photos, directions, and specific description of the business location.

Incorporate Unique Description

If you want a well-thought of region page and a doorway page, your description should be exceptional.

The following are things you should consider in your business description to build the worth of your region page:

  • The history of your company in a particular region.
  • The reasons why your businesses are pertinent to people in the area.
  • Include noteworthy projects in the said area and add pictures as well.
  • Products or services presented that are favored by many in the area.
  • Illustrate the physical area denoting significant landmarks.

people having a meeting

Acknowledge local clients and testimonies

If you are a B2B business owner, incorporate known and respectable clients in the particular area that people can surely be identifiable to users. Talk about what type of job you accomplished for the said clients and then add pertinent photos of the service you have done. If you can ask for a testimonies from these clients, that too will be such an effective way to be felt. Do a video and post it.

Add Photos

Well, your competitors could be doing the same thing but the difference could be that they are using stock photos while you are doing original photos that are professionally done. Smart, huh?

Do such wonderfully taken photos and follow these suggestions:

  • Make sure that you show your logo eminently.
  • Add an alt text and image name.
  • It is good to present images of your products or services in full action. That has power.
  • Consider to put distinct landmarks from that region.

 Incorporate a Map

Produce a custom-made map of the particular region with highlights to point out where your service area is. It would be wise to have an interactive map to make sure it lead users to the right place.

Location of your Physical Office

It is not practical to have an office in every region you cater. A physical office for some may not even be an option.

  1. GMB or SAB?

 If you have a physical office for answering calls and sending service members, having a GMB or Google My Business profile is such a good way to go. It is an online profile that has your name, address and phone number.

If your business cannot handle many offices in different places, then having a SAP or Service Area Business in GMB may be the ideal setup. Take note that Service Area Business or SAP are businesses do not have a local office instead they go around to present their services at the client’s location. Convenient isn’t it?

  1. Build Links Within Your Niche

 There are several building schemes that can be done but it is best create custom built links to reach your SEO goal. Below are ways on getting distinct links for your regional pages:

  • Engage in different business events and local charities.
  • Join organizations and submit to your links to directories.
  • Feature testimonies and reviews, and use them to gain more customers.
  • Blog about your works on other websites as well.