Obsolete SEO Strategies that You Should NOT Do (Part 1)

It’s 2019! Naturally, there would be new things in store for us this year. The same goes for SEO. It has continually evolved and experienced various changes over the years. For some other strategies, they may not change much. However, for SEO, it’s quite the opposite. Changes are drastic.

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With that being said, I discuss the SEO practices that are quite obsolete now. There’s no need for your online business to follow these strategies.

  • The overuse of keywords.

  • A lot of people still do not understand the proper way of using keywords. There are a number of posts adding irrelevant keywords. They just write in order to stuff the specific keyword to an article.  Most of the time, beginners are limiting their content to the selected keywords.
  • The article will, in the end, lose its essence because the keywords are given priority over the quality of work. High-volume keywords are added to fill the space, and not to communicate an important message.
  • If the chosen keywords are favored, the post will be useless because it will not attract any attention. Remember that your readers are your customers here. They won’t care about the keywords.
  • It would be such as a shame to mislead them into an article that just stuffed with a bunch of keywords and no depth.
  • Just so you know, Google has taken action regarding keyword abuse so they will definitely sense if your article is there just for visibility and not for high quality content.
    • Keyword density.
      • This happens when an article needs to have a particular density. The number of keywords is the priority to increase visibility of the article.
      • Sadly, Google does not count the usage of a specific keyword. So, there’s no need repeat the same keyword over and over.
      • To determine whether a webpage is helpful or not, Google has a herd of sources to check the search results.
      • This does not mean that you would not add keywords. They are still important, but adding a lot of keywords does not make you number 1 in the search engine results. Therefore, you should not ignore the quality of the content you are posting.
    • Keyword stuffing.

      • SEO is all about keywords. That’s why the oldest SEO trick back then is to stuff keywords into unnecessary places like the website’s footer, background, and others. They hide the keyword by blending it with the website’s background color. Thus, no one would see it because the keywords have the same color as the background.
      • Literally, no one will see it, but search engines are not stupid. It will read all those hidden keywords and links. Don’t try to cheat the system because you are not writing for search engine. You are writing for your customers!
      • So, if you think adding a bunch of keywords all over your website will help you outrank other websites, you are totally wrong. Search engines will know that there are an unusual number of keywords stuffed in a site. Trust me, they know. Once they notice your website is doing such a thing, they will demote your website and you will be at the bottom of the SERPs!