Tips & Tricks: The Twitter Edition

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If your followers are mostly on Facebook and Instagram, you may find these tips helpful. If most of them are active on Twitter, don’t fret. You can use these tips below and learn the ins and outs of Twitter.

  • Use the right #Hashtag.

    Before Facebook used hashtags, it was Twitter who applied the use of hashtags. Today, every social media site followed along! In Twitter, users can easily engage people using a specific hashtag. The top trending hashtags of the time being are displayed on the home screen. The top trends vary depending on location and time. If you want to see what’s up, just click on a particular hashtag and start chatting with people!

  • Keep on Tweetin’.

    One tweet is only visible for an average of 18 minutes long. If your tweet does not get retweeted, try again. Paraphrase each message and tweet again the content again after some time. Create tweets of the same content at least 3 times and schedule them at 3 different times also.

  • Use Twitter’s Advertise feature.

    Like Facebook, Twitter also has a paid feature, and you have an option to promote a hashtag, an account, or a specific tweet. If you are boosting your Twitter account, make sure that the account information is complete and a bio, a website link is all provided!

  • Reach out to Influencers.

    If you mention a popular product, app, person in a blog post, mention them on your tweets once you share it on Twitter. It won’t guarantee a retweet, but imagine if they decide to retweet your post. That will definitely help your content to reach new heights!

  • Use the Right Keywords.

    Twitter is not all about hashtags. You also have to use the appropriate keywords. This particularly important for Twitter ads because they usually target certain keywords on latest tweets or Twitter searches. So, use the relevant keywords that fit your brand and include them in your Twitter bio and pinned tweets.

  • Join Twitter Chats.

    Even if Twitter is a microblogging website, people can still have long chats. How? Twitter chats are usually conducted a Q&A style. These online gatherings use a specific hashtag and Twitter users should use the hashtag during the duration of the chat. Whether you ask or answer, your tweet should include the hashtag. It’s a great way to connect with your Twitter followers or start a discussion among your circle.

  • Tweets Should Be Short and Concise.

    Even if Twitter supports up to 280 characters now, your tweets does not have to be longer than it should be. Tweets with higher click-throughs are those with 120 characters.

  • Mention People.

    Interact with people especially those who reply to your posts. A simply thank you would be appreciated by them. If they ask a question, answer them. It’s a great way to ask/answer without having to compose an email. Most companies provide customer support on Twitter and they are just one tweet away. Users get immediate response about their concerns.

  • Tweet when Your Followers are Online.

    Experiment on when to send out tweets until you find out when your followers are mostly online. Once you figure it out, schedule more tweets at that time.

  • Schedule Your Posts.

    If most of your followers are online during nighttime, no need to lose some sleep over it. With Tweetdeck, you can easily schedule your tweets beforehand. As much as possible, try to tweet the same content 3 times.

  • Add a “Click to Tweet” Button.

    If your website visitors are usually from Twitter, help them to share your blog posts faster by adding a Twitter button. They will just have to click to tweet, and they will be redirected to Twitter to share your latest post.

  • Share Your Reaction.

    Yes, from time to time, you can schedule tweets, but try to squeeze your own personal reaction on certain trending topics. Your followers will appreciate it if you add a personal touch to your tweets. Reply to conversations where you are mentioned.