Tips & Tricks: The Facebook and Instagram Edition

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Previously, effective marketing strategies were shared in this post. What if you have more followers on Facebook? Here’s a list of strategies applicable on Facebook. Plus, bonus Instagram tips too! Since Facebook and Instagram are siblings now, this list will include tips on spreading your content on both social media apps.

Brighten your Facebook page with these tips:

  • Inspire People.

    Most people are tired of drama. Instead, they want to see something that will lift them up and motivate them to do better. If you are an online bookshop, try including  a famous line from a book along with a link that will redirect them to the product page.

  • Animate posts by using GIFS. 

    Using the right images can increase traffic. Facebook now supports GIF and this will help you animate your promo posts on the said site. Time to ditch stagnant pictures and choose relatable GIFS to gain new followers from the millennial crowd.

  • Post on Facebook Groups.

    You can also share your blog posts on several Facebook groups. There are plenty of groups that are public. You are free to post and promote anything you want. Make sure you included working links on your post.

  • Ask their opinion. 

    With the help of Facebook Business Manager, you make your own poll. Feel free to ask your followers their favorite from all their products, or ask them their most anticipated product. This way you will know what products are popular and should produce more of.

  • Boost your post.

    The moment you posted a new blog entry, spread the word on Facebook. Don’t forget to give it a huge boost! Just so you know, this is a paid service and the fee depends on how long will the extended exposure will be. You are sure that your blog post will show up on your target audiences’ timelines. Since this a paid service, use it wisely and promote big events like Black Friday Sale, or Christmas Sale.

  • Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences.

    This paid service is ideal for humongous businesses. Lookalike Audiences will help you connect with people who might be interest on what you have to offer. Facebook will make profiles of your Lookalike Audience using your existing customers. You just need to select a source and Facebook will find the common qualities of these people. Sources should be at least 100 people from one country, Facebook recommends the selected source should be around 1,000 to 50,000 people.

Add color to your Instagram feed:

  • Show a preview on Instagram Stories.

    These stories are temporary posts and are only viewable for 24 hours. After a day has passed, the story gets deleted and you can add a new Instagram story for the day. When is the best time to use it? Fashion previews, new product teasers, and sale announcements. Tease your followers with the products for the sitewide sale or release a sneak peek for your new collection.

  • Catchy Instagram Bio.

    Instagram is mostly composed of pictures, but that does not mean that texts are not allowed. Typically, people just add emojis, but one way to utilize it well is to add words and links! Inlcude a catchy line and the call to action link to your latest product line.

  • BONUS: Live video.

    Both Instagram and Facebook can interact to their followers through the live feature. You can do Q&A sessions with your followers and this time around they can ask you questions. The live interaction makes it fun, refreshing, and importantly, more personal. Your followers will see the people behind their favorite page. It’s easier for people to identify you and they will feel more secure availing your products and services.