Where to Sell Your Photos?

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Websites to sell your photos.

If you have taken a number of photos of good quality, why not sell them online and earn good money from it? There are a lot of options online. Many companies have means to help photographers in selling their photos. If you are looking for a place to sell your art, look no further.

Here are 9 great sites you can try:

  • Shutter Stock is the prime sites for photographers. Each picture is $0.25-$2.85 and this rate could be higher for excellent photos. There are thousands of photos added to the inventory every day, and before they get uploaded, every photo is analyzed.
  • iStock Photo They offer millions of clip art, photos, illustrations, video. Every download  earns 15% royalty rate.
  • Fotolia This micro stock agency company is based in New York. Each download payment ranges from 20% to 63%.
  • PhotoCrati is a website for photographers and visual artists. No coding needed because you can quickly sell photos with the Photocrati theme’s built-in ecommerce galleries. It integrates easily with Paypal so collecting money is easier than expected.
  • Tour Photos It showcases amusement parks, northern lights excursions, cruise ships and many more. It also has photos of activities like diving, paragliding, scuba diving, and rafting. If you are interested in these sports, this website is perfect for you. You can choose to sell your photos, or make them available for free.
  • Smug Mug In this site, you can showcase your greeting cards, photos, prints, digital downloads, and sell it at the same time. You decide on how much each cost and the royalty is 85%. Shopping won’t be a hassle because you will provided a storefront and your customers can easily buy them with one single click.
  • Photo Shelter There are nine website templates available to choose from and in minutes, you can build your own site. There is no coding required. Simply upload your work. Plans begins from $9.00 every month but it can go up to $49.99 monthly.
  • Alamy It boasts that they feature the world’s most diverse stock photo collection. This photography agency was launched in 1999, and they sell around 60 millions of images and videos. A photographer may also sell their photos in other sites.
  • Snapped4U It shows event like gigs, festivals, weddings, parties, etc. Here, selling photos are really simple and the sales of each photos raises money for good causes. The site will charge 10% commission on photos that are sold at more than $5.00.