What Could Cause the Decrease in Web Traffic?

Your website is one of the first to appear on the search results. How come now it’s not? Why did the website traffic dropped too? The changes in web traffic are not surprising. It’s also not complicated to know why web traffic fluctuates from time to time.

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Here’s a list of factors to observe:

  1. Google made changes to its algorithm.

  • Google is constantly updating their products and services. Ranking factors could vary from time to time. This is not new because SEO is always evolving. That’s why SEO professionals always look for new updates.
  • Each day, Google is trying its best to detect spam and learn more about its users’ real intent upon search. So, make sure your web pages abide with the latest Google regulations and it matches with the users’ search query.
  • If your website is not getting much attention, try to research on the changes. Compare your website with the top websites on the SERP. There might be alterations on the traffic patterns. You are most likely to find the answers why traffic went down.

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  1. The web browsers are discouraging its users.

  • Speaking of changes, Chrome, Google’s web browser, could made changes too. The newer and more advanced web browsers could have the features that combat spammy and suspicious sites.
  • Today, web browsers, not just Google Chrome, can already warn the users before entering a potentially harmful site. It could be that your web visitors are being warned by their browsers not to proceed.

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  1. Hacking could also be one of the causes.

  • When a website is compromised, it could have unauthorized pages and links, which have a negative impact on your site’s current ranking. Using an FTP client software could offer a quick fix. I will discuss the different free and open source FTP programs on another blog post.
  • Basically, you use this FTP program to thoroughly review your website files. Check every web page and file folder for anything suspicious. You could notice some files are not made or modified by your team. Be on the lookout for files that’s been recently been changed.
  • You could also go to the Google Search Console and check if there are indexed pages that seem foreign.
  1. There’s a shift to mobile devices.

  • The rise of mobile devices are definitely changing playing field. Changes on how people search for products and services could disrupt the current flow of web traffic.
  • There are obvious changes on the shift from desktop to mobile. People now prefer to search using their mobile devices. It could also alter the preferred time and date for people to search. Another factor could be the keywords people are using.
  • So, you need to understand these factors brought about by the millions of mobile users. There are changes in the search patterns, and grasping this could help you bring back the misplaced web traffic.

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