How Content Marketing Helps You Boost Your Online Presence (Part 2)

  • Invite Experts to Share.

  • Blogging is important part of your website. However, you are not the only one who knows a lot of things.
  • Other people also have name and they are highly regarded in their own field. If you are not sure of a certain issue, ask the help of the experts.
  • Invite experts to do a guest post and they can freely share their opinion on matters. You can even interview them.
    • Sharing is caring.
      • Your followers and the followers of your guest will surely check this newest collaboration of yours.
      • Same is true with your guest’s website. In their own blog, they will promote your website along with the post you did with them.
      • Basically, this is a way of helping each other. Their content is shared to your own fans while your content is shared to their fans.
    •  We are all connected.
      • By inviting other people, you are expanding your networking of friends. You are slowly building your authority in the business.
      • As you try to connect with other people, you extend your hand to renowned experts. It’s now easy to build long lasting friendships with these important people.
      • Besides that, when people see that you interviewed this person, you gain instant authority just because you were associated with a famous person.
  • Bottom line is this will help your followers to grow. You are also helping the other party to grow as well. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. A win-win for both parties involved!

man and woman holding hands between table

  • Always Create Something New.

    • Give it your 100%! Content is not something you can generate in an instant. Take time to strategize.
    • Spice it up by adding hours of research, interviews, graphics, and excellent writing. You readers can tell if you really gave it your all or if it’s something half-baked.
    • A well-thought of blog post will always be worth it in the end. A high-quality post will attract more readers.
    • So, go forth and research because your hard work will definitely pay off!


  • Customize Your Content.

    • When you customize, it does not mean that you should go full-on stalker mode. You don’t have to scare your audience that way!
    • You can personalize by grouping your audience. The tone of speaking is different from millennials, professionals, parents, and so on.
      • Of course, you won’t be talking about boy bands when you are talking to parents. They don’t care about that. They like to know about baby products.
      • So, write blog posts that are for a specific group. Customize content depending on what they want. Like I said, moms won’t be interested reading about BTS.
      • Be personal with your emails as well. You can put the names of your subscriber in the in the subject line.

With a solid online presence and authority, your business will slowly gain popularity. Remember the 5 tips: learn to proper way to write and send emails, make blogging a habit, invite experts, always think of ways to create new content, and personalize the content for you users. When you apply these tips, your web visitors will surely trust your authority. Eventually, sales will follow. Never lose hope, and keep on creating new things!