Know Why Relevance Is Important to Email Marketing

When you have a website, you know that reaching out to your email subscribers is an integral part of doing businesses. If you want to reach them in a productive manner, sending relevant emails is the sure way to go. Whatever your nature of business is, email is an important pillar of today’s business transactions.

According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, a marketing firm, they found out that the main reason why people unsubscribe from email list is because of irrelevant email. The respondents cited that they get too many pointless emails.

Almost 1/3 of the people surveyed shared that they despise receiving unnecessary emails. So, this is your number 1 hint to stop sending too many emails. Keep your emails at a minimal level. The best case scenario is that your email subscribers will ignore the messages, and only read those that catch their attention. However, the worst case scenario is permanently unsubscribing from your email list.

A Woman Organizing Her Email Messages.

A Woman Organizing Her Email Messages.

Let’s discuss first the word: relevance.

What is relevance? If may not be important to you, but it is definitely valuable to your audience. Email subscribers require businesses to send relevant marketing emails. If this requirement is not met, your email subscribers will surely decrease.

So, before you think of sending an email, ask yourself first these 3 questions.

  • How is this message relatable to my email subscribers?
  • What is the importance of this email to my email subscribers?
  • Lastly, will this email solve the problem(s) my subscribers have?
  • Is this just all a lame attempt to sell my products?

If these questions do not reveal a concrete answer, then, chances are that email message will deemed as utterly irrelevant. When you are trying to send an email, make sure it has an important message. For example, you are promoting a sitewide sale or you have a current promo where everything is 10% of off.

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If you think your subscribers won’t find it interesting, then don’t send it. Wait until you have something useful to share. Keep that in mind that your subscribers will only value your emails if you remember the word, relevance.

Why is relevance a crucial aspect?

As mentioned earlier, the survey by Forrester Research is a clear indication that people give importance to relevance. The number one reason why the leave mailing lists is due to irrelevance. If you want to keep a strong following of email subscribers, ask yourself, “What do I get from this?” If you get a clear answer right away, then, you have some essential information to share. Your subscribers can’t simply ignore this email.

If not, then, generate something interesting like updates on your current promotions, on your new products, on items that are almost out of stock, or even an information about some pretty good deal. Make your subscribers feel that you care a lot about them, and you are sharing something they actually want!

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