Scottsdale Web Design – How to Start a Phenomenal Blog

For me, blogging is very subjective. Choosing what to blog, when to blog really depends on you. Why? Only you can define that scope of your blog. This post will hopefully guide you in building a successful blog.

I will not talk about how you should write your blog posts because that’s discussed here. However, this will guide you in making important decisions your blog. Read on what you need to establish first before you start posting:

  • Is the blog focused on evergreen articles or news articles?

  • Blog posts are generally categorized into 2: evergreen and news-based. What’s the difference?
    • Evergreen blog posts are will never go out of date. Five years from now, the content posted will still be useful. An example would be…  Top 10 Young Adult Fantasy Books. This post will come in handy if someone needs a book recommendation.
    • On the other hand, news articles are only important for a short period of time. After some time, these articles won’t be relevant anymore.  A perfect example would be “The Annual Golden Globe Awards Winners & Nominees 2019”
  • Whatever you choose, it really depends on your preference. There is no right or wrong choice here. Either way is perfectly fine! However, if you ask me, I would choose evergreen over news-based articles. It’s always there and it would always speak to an audience.
  • Writing news articles are the opposite because you can’t just live it like that. You need to constantly post updates because the story will  soon become irrelevant. Its advantage though is that you can a huge amount of traffic in a brief moment.
  • In the example I gave, the Golden Globe Awards will gain web traffic over a list of fantasy books. However, the Golden Globe Awards are done so any news related to it are not newsworthy anymore. It will not invite page clicks and views in the future.
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Defining the scope of your blog.

  • How many times should you post?

  • The answer to this is subjective. There’s no definite answer. Blogging frequency really depends on you.
  • If you ask me, I always prefer quality over quantity. Before I decide to create a new blog post, I ask the purpose of it and I evaluate if there are important lessons tackled.  I believe that other prominent bloggers think this way too! Readers will always favor one unique post more than 6 mediocre articles.
  • One blog post a week is a great strategy. If you wish to post more, then, go for it. Just don’t stress yourself too much because you need to constantly post something out there in order to widen your reach. Determine your pace, create your own schedule, and do what you can!
  • Just remember that, if you choose to create a news-based blog, you have to strike while the iron is hot. For example, in the Golden Globe Awards article, you should write more about it. You can give a complete list of nominees and winners. You can also share the winners’ acceptance speeches or post a list of best dressed celebrities during the awards ceremony.
  • At the end of the day, staying engaged and committed is very important in blogging.  The number of blog posts won’t make you number 1 instantly. Just as long as you are blogging consistently, you are in good hands!