Ineffective SEO Strategies That You Need to Discard Now (Part 2)

Like what I said previously, there are tons of old SEO strategies that still linger online. I’m going to list of more them in order to stop these out-of-date SEO strategies from being ever used again. These should be avoided forever.

wrong way sign

You are headed the wrong way if you are following outdated SEO strategies.

Here are 3 more that you totally stay away from.

Horrible Mistake 5: Having duplicate content.

Based on a SEMrush research, more 100,000 websites are guilty of publishing duplicate content. To address this issue, there are plagiarism detection tools you can use. For one, there’s a website called Copyscape that will check the originality of your content. Ideally, your article should have a zero percent match. If the percentage is high, you should rewrite that particular page.

Horrible Mistake 6: Buying links.

Having links is a sign of approval and encouragement. Google sees backlinks as a “vote of confidence”. If practice buying links, then, you will be accused of vote buying. In this Google help page, it states that links that are manipulated are considered a direct violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Number 1 on their list of examples is the “buying or selling links”. This practice might be bribing someone for links. Sending a FREE product in exchange for an article with links. It could also be giving away money for links.

What you can do is never practice buying links. Instead, you write an article worthy of links, likes, and shares. Connect with respectable sources and do not trust shady sites that guarantee you links for your website.

There is NO easy way to do this, but you need to pour out every ounce of patience and determination you have. You can be successful without buying links. Just prioritize link quality, pertinency, and ingenuity.

Horrible Mistake 7: Neglecting customer reviews.

Nowadays, it’s impossible not check for online reviews. 70% of online customers admit to checking reviews before deciding to shop online.

The solution to this is to interact with your customers. Take time to say thank you when a satisfied customer leaves a 5-star review. From time to time, encourage your customers to leave a positive review on their social media accounts. Perhaps, they can also leave add their review on reputable review sites such as BBB, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Trustpilot, and many more.

Horrible Mistake 8: Publishing fake reviews.

What worse than ignore customer reviews? It’s the proliferation of fake ones. In fact, Washington Post even published an article saying that 61% of reviews posted on Amazon are indeed fake.


To recap, both part 1 and part 2 reminds SEO agencies and marketers to participate in shady tactics like link buying. Be careful when posting duplicate content. Moreover, always consider quality more than quantity. Follow a blogging schedule, and post longer articles. Try to extend your content and include statistics, research, and other relevant numbers. Most importantly, do not overuse keywords and stop writing too many articles around a certain keyword. Lastly, learn from customer reviews and take time to interact with your satisfied customers. Aim to always make them happy and do not deceive them. Never fake reviews just to lure more people into buying your products.