SEO During the Holiday Season (Part 1)

Every year, everyone looks forward to the holidays. It is the perfect time to take advantage on the cheap prices and bulk discounts available online. Almost every website has its own gimmick for the shopping season.

gift boxes

With that being said, how are you sure that your website is ready for the swarm of people eager to shop early for the holidays? In this post, I will discuss the in-depth planning. In the next post, I will elaborate on the technical side of things. So, let’s begin.

Stage 1: The Preparation

  • The planning should start before the actual holiday season. You have to remember that SEO strategies won’t immediately take effect. So, it is a must to plan ahead.
  • Businesses get up to 50% of their revenues during this season, making the preparation part is crucial for its future success.
  • During planning, what you can do is to analyze and audit your website’s current content. Find ways to create opportunities before the Christmas season. Think of new content or update published articles 6 months prior to the peak season.

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  • You can’t expect your website to relevant during the Christmas season when you don’t have any Christmas related post. Start posting gift guides or Christmas gift suggestions before the actual holiday. That way, you will Google can detect your Christmas keywords and rank your website higher during the upcoming holidays.
  • If you do not create blog posts on different Christmas topics, then, you won’t be able to fulfill your user’s intent. Thus, search engines won’t rank the website when the time comes. So, always prepare a content calendar. Prepare the various concepts for the different occasions.
  • Start designing the Christmas themed banners and experiment on what would people like to buy this year. Conduct a survey and ask questions in order to create a solid strategy. Always try to approach every occasion in a very holistic manner.

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  • When you are trying to decide what products or blog posts to include, remember the products that did well the previous year. Begin to thoroughly analyze your performance the preceding year and know the following:
    • What were the bestselling products?
    • How did people discover your website?
    • What were people searching that lead them to your website?
    • How did your landing pages help web visitors?
    • Was it able to successfully convert visitors to customers?

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  • It’s a good idea to start optimizing your keywords. Slowly introduce Christmas related posts prior to the busy season. This way, you are able to appear on SERPs early on. People get to see your website and you get to enjoy increased web traffic and sales.
  • Also, part of preparing is listening. Go on social media and listen to your audience. What gets the most views? This can give you a rough idea on what ideas to elaborates and what products to create.
  • Through social listening, you will also be aware of new trends, new business opportunities, and new competitors as well. You have time to reconstruct your plan and solidify your brand among your target market.

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