Ways to do Your SEO Research and Study Your Audience

SEO are not just numbers, it is comprehending our audience and taking it into consideration in creating an SEO campaign. This accelerates the traffic and has chances of converting more people.

person doing research on a laptop computer

There are ways to research and study our SEO audience and there are tools that can help you accomplish your goal for each step. Here are the list:


It is the heart of SEO. Your product should use keywords that has something to do with the brand or service. Soon as your list is completed, choose 5 top ones that could very well embody your product. Through this approach, you will know the demographics that are linked to the words or phrases. Demographics.i0 is a tool for this purpose. Google Trends can likewise give you the demographic information that you need complete with location and data on how it managed to trend.

With the information you have – gender, age, and current location should be able to help you in finding the local link possibilities in the places where the questions transpire. This will give you an idea with regards to this group’s interests, hobbies, and other jargons they use.

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Knowing who your visitors are, will tell you if they are the right audience for your brand or service. Google Analytics can help get what you need. You just have to enable the Interests and Demographic reports. Once this is done, all the pertinent details such as location, age, and interests will be given to you. This awareness will assist you in the content and target areas. If the insight does not match with your market, review your keywords and your content and see where the fault lies and how to correct it.


You can collect all the data to know your target audience by just look at your website and study the different brands. Collect as many data as you can by using tools like Quantcast, Alexa, or YouGov. You might even stumble upon link building ideas that comes from their interests.


 This is the easiest strategy on the list! This is an honest communication between you and your target audience. What comes to mind here is email, right? Ask simple questions like interests, needs, and insights to get good returned surveys. This is such a big help to distinguish content options like videos, images, and many more.

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Google has intensified in presenting answers in SERPs that determines the usual user questions. And that has become more vital. For sure, you would also want to know the various questions of your would-be audience so you can prepare for the right timing to connect with them.

You can use different tools to help you like BuzzSumo, AnswerThePublic, and SEMrush. Check them out and see what it can do for you.


 The minute you know the details of your target audience, do additional research. Your goal should be to find key features of your audience. When you do, go to Google Scholar and get information on your demographics, may it be Gen Y, Gen Z, Baby Boomer, or Millennial. This will make everything clearer as to who you are targeting through your SEO efforts.