Scottsdale Web Design – Tips to Enhance Page Speed to Gain More Website Traffic (Part 1)

The most crucial element in digital marketing today is page speed.  It has an important effect on the following:

  • The time spent of visitors on your website.
  • The number of conversion into becoming paying customers.
  • Resources allocated in paid search.
  • Ranking in organic search.

Sadly, a lot of sites do not perform well in page speed that will absolutely affect their revenue. Honestly, there are many things to do in digital marketing you should to prioritize. However, you should not set aside optimizing page speed. Yes, even if enhancing speed for a few more seconds, that already makes a huge difference.

I suppose you are not one of those people who neglect speed, right? So, you want to make the most of your results and revenues, correct again?

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Now, here is your chance to know how.

Dump your current web hosting

Every person would always want to save a few dollars, but with SEMrush, Moz, and all those tool subscriptions, they are taking a lot from your budget that it is nearly impossible to do so. One means of saving up is by choosing an inexpensive shared hosting that squeezes several sites into one server. But with shared hosting, the performance is so disgusting! So, never choose it!

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With the slow speed, they will remain just dropping by because they will surely leave as fast as they could with no chance of conversion. Now, is the shared hosting worth it? Nope, people will hate your website.

How much of a difference really does it make?

Amazon’s study tells us that even a small difference of 100ms, a portion that people cannot even recognize, is sufficient to decrease your sales by 1%. Walmart’s research backs Amazon’s data. At this point, both huge e-commerce companies agree on the importance of speed.

If that small amount of time can have an overwhelming effect, think how much more an additional second can do? In short, if your site does not load fast enough for visitors to stay, then, your competitors will profit from your loss. More on: 5 Easy to Follow Tips to Obtain a Speedy Website

Don’t hold tight on your crappy web hosting. Know that there are several web hosts that optimized to gain more speed like WordPress that fits your budget options. Go ahead, do your own research, ask people, and find a web host that gives you your money’s worth.

Lessen HTTP Calls

Each and every file that a webpage need to operate and render – CSS, JavaScript, STL – need to have a different HTTP request… AND more of those will slow down your page load. You might think that you are not putting such garbage but that may not really be true. You may not put in extra bloated junk to your site, but it is very much there for 90+ percent.

You may not add a bunch of bloated junk to your website but the garbage is still there. Yes, you read it right, it is still there just because some people do not bother to improve the page speed which should be in the priority list to begin with.


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