Scottsdale Web Design – 5 Essential Elements When You Are Looking for an SEO-Friendly Host

When it comes to SEO, there are many things to concern yourselves with like the content creation, backlinks, sitemaps, and a lot more. Plus, there are new things to note such as the featured snippets, voice search, and mobile-first feature. With all these things going on, there is one thing you should not overlook and that is hosting.

woman standing near servers

Your web host establishes the general feel or user experience of your visitors to the website.

For your users not to go back to the search results page, you have to stop server mistakes and page timeouts. Eventually, you need a web host that is stable and one that supports you. It should not be the one that hinders your efforts. Let us discuss the 5 principal elements:

  1. Guarantees an extremely large uptime rate.

This a guarantee that your site will be seen for a number of percentage throughout the year. The larger your uptime, the better.

Once your website is down; website visitors will surely go back to Google or switch to another search engines. This jeopardizes your ranking because it will heighten your bounce rates.

To guide you, pick a host that has a 99.9% up uptime guarantee. This number means more or less 1.44 minutes of downtime per day and that is 8.8 hours annually. However, think twice if a web host tells you a 100% of uptime guarantee because it is still normal to have a downtime. The secret is to keep the downtime as brief as you possibly can so it will not hamper any website transaction.

  1. Server Location

Uptime pertains to your site content being available to users. Meanwhile, server location decrees how fast it is going to be available to them. Preferably, you need an information center that is near to most of your visitors. The thing is, if your server is too far, it will take time for your website to load.

Problems could arise if you choose a server location that’s considerably at a great distance. An example is a site operating in another country utilizing a host that can be found in the middle of the globe. That is questionable for search engines!

  1. Numerous Choices

 Options, options, and more options! Enjoy picking “the one” for your web hosting need. Other site offers add-ons that should enhance your site. Below are some guidelines to follow: 

  • Supports automatic backups – you would want to have this in case problems arise; there is another copy for you to go back to. If the hosting company gives it for free that is perfect. If not, then you have to pay an additional cost to be safe.
  • Make sure your hosting site has SSL – HTTPS is necessary for ranking. You might find a host that offers this for free as part of the package.
  • Flexible hosting plans – When your site go big, so does your needs. When the time comes, you might have to move to your own server so be sure your host can accommodate your needs. 
  1. Great Reviews

 First, verify their marketing claims way before your signing of the contract. Go find online reviews about your web hosting site choices.

  1. Receptive Support Team

Remember, if something goes wrong, you would want to immediately connect and solve the problem, right? Therefore, a great host will give you a 24/7 support without additional fee. Know what time they operate, and get all the possible means to connect with them like phone number, email, and official help channels on social media.