Scottsdale SEO – 4 Useful Tips in Simplifying Content

As a content writer, I always try to create a blog post that’s easy for you guys to understand. However, simplifying content is not as easy as it seems. I need to explain things in the simplest manner, and at the same time, I should make it entertaining for you to not leave the page so quickly.

Person viewing a website on a tablet

simplifying content for your readers.

Mostly, it’s up to the writer to shed some light into some complicated topics. Still, there are other things to consider aside from writing, there’s the influence of the on-page SEO elements, the layout, and the audiovisual aspect. Skillful writing is useless without the right elements. So, you need to find the right combination of brilliant writing and magnificent layout. Here’s my attempt in helping you simplify the difficult:

  • Tip #1: Say no to highfalutin words.
    • Keep things simple and uncomplicated. If you feel like a word is too complex, try using a simpler synonym. Inserting jargon into the equation will just encourage the readers to click away.
    • Your goal, as a writer, should be able to use plain language in describing situations. Relate your examples to real-life experience so your readers can identify with your article.
    • Of course, you can’t just ignore all the jargons, right? Try to keep the numbers minimal. The lesser the jargon, the better. If you need help finding a simpler word, try consulting an online thesaurus.
  • Tip #2: Add sugar, and spice… and everything nice!
    • No, we are not making The PowerPuff Girls here, but we are trying to make your writing more exciting. So, how do we do that?
    • Add your own personality. Don’t try to be William Shakespeare because you are not William Shakespeare. You will end up boring your readers because that’s not you!
    • Be excited with what you’re doing. If there’s a part of you that can relate to the topic, don’t hesitate to add your personal anecdotes. It makes the difficult topics more bearable and more readable.
    • In order to share more stories, you need to read more. Google Trends will keep you up-to-date on latest happenings. Before you know it, you have stumbled upon another interesting topic to blog about.
  • Tip #3 Active voice over passive voice.
    • Active voice is clearer because the subject does the action. Here’s an example for you:
      • Active: Sandy read the book. Passive: The book was read by Sandy.
    • In the given example, the first sentence is better because it is easier to understand. It comes in handy when you are writing about the covalent bonds, quantum mechanics, and other complicated things.
  • Tip #4 Keep your images simple, too.
    • Just because we need colorful visuals do not mean that we would go crazy and choose all the colors of the rainbow.
    • Yes, images help entice web visitors. However, don’t get too excited. Like your words choices, use uncomplicated images. Stick to a certain color palette that works for your website!
    • If you are going to share a result of a study, a pie simple chart will do. Compare and contrast the result of your research without too much fuss. You don’t need to draw elaborate borders and charts to prove your point.