Scottsdale Web Design – 4 Easy Tips in Optimizing Your Online Store

Have you optimized your online store? Well, if you haven’t, you should start doing it now. You see, when you have a business, you are also caught up will the various tasks that you don’t have time to check other recent trends. If you want your business to have more revenues, you should level up and start making a change.

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The truth is, when you decide to finally make a change, it doesn’t take that long to operate in perfect shape. After making improvements, you can lessen your bounce rate, and develop a loyal audience. All it takes is hard work and a few alterations.

  1. Make use of the strength of product images.

If you look at the study done by Invodo, 92.6% of the consumers said that visuals are the greatest effective element when they make a decision to buy. Thus, make sure that your images should be top in quality to optimize the effect of your product page/s.

True, you need to have an image that is top quality. However, users are also upset with a slow page load time especially on mobile devices. These days, there are more people using their mobile to purchase.

It is either you learn to use a camera. Make sure you buy a high-caliber camera and learn to use it properly. If not, go get a pro to do the job. The song nailed it when it said something like a picture can paint a thousand words. So, use vivid photos and you are off to a good start!

  1. Look into the abandoned carts.

When was trying to find ways to make their website better, they focused on abandoned carts. They knew that these customers were only a step away from making a purchase! So, they took this as a chance to give their customers a nudge. They gave their customers a reason to finally complete that purchase.

So what did do? Well, they figured that delay is not so bad. All they need to do is send a follow-up email to remind the customers that they left something on their cart. In the end, it garnered a surprisingly 40% conversion rate. This shows us that abandoned carts are not bad for business. In fact, it can open doors for business opportunities. Take advantage of it!

  1. Create your site and increase its mobile-friendliness.

Mobile e-commerce sales in the U.S. are estimated to a whopping $338 billion by 2020 says Therefore, if your site is not optimized for mobile, then you will be losing a lot of sales. To check the mobile-friendliness of your current site, be sure to visit Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

Do not put aside mobile phone; Recalibrate your plans and include the mobile sector. If you make it faster, it will surely give your conversion rate a much needed boost.

  1. Create your product descriptions.

If you are a reseller, never just copy the description given to you by the manufacturer. To begin with, it could be wrong; if not, it’s badly written. If you do not do something about it, then that poorly written description will pull you down. Write your own description of the product and see how it will magically turn your product into something that people would want to buy. More on: How to Write Compelling Product Descriptions.