Scottsdale Web Design – 4 Factors That Can Contribute to Your Towering Bounce Rate

For websites, you want a high traffic, high conversion rate. However, if you have a high bounce rate, that is not good. This is a stressful time for online marketers.

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So, what is bounce rate?

Bounce rate simply means the number of visitors leaving your site after only a few seconds of looking at a page! One study shows that a lot of websites have towering bounce rates ranging from 26% to 70%.

According to the study, here is the bounce rate grading system:

  • 25% or lower: Not good!
  • 26-40%: The ideal rate. Brilliant if it’s around this number!
  • 41-55%: Average
  • 56-70%: Higher than the usual numbers; it really depends on the site.
  • 70% or higher: Definitely poor! Something needs to be repaired.

The bounce rate of your website will be seen on Google Analytics’ Audience Overview tab. For individual channels and pages,  refer to the Behavior column.

There are many causes of a towering bounce rate. Interested to know some standard reasons?

  1. Slow Loading Speed

 Visitors tend to leave if the loading takes a few seconds. Therefore, it is imperative that you fix your site speed. A gradual fix means a gradual improvement in your speed.

Analyze your page speed not just individually, but as a whole. Use tools to assess the speed like:

These are the tools that will give you the right suggestions to your website like compressing huge image files. More tips on: Useful Pointers to Increase Website Speed (Part 1)

  1. Self-sustaining Content

 Check the Time Spent on Page and Average Session Duration metrics on Google Analytics to know whether you should worry or not.

Should the visitor stays for quite some time on a certain page, it is an assurance to Google that your page is regarded as a highly applicable to their search.

Now, if the visitor stays less than a minute on the page, contemplate on attracting the users to read a few of your correlated blog posts. Suggest some related articles on the side!

  1. Unequal Contribution of Some Pages

 You might have some pages on your website that are participating in unequal contribution to the general bounce rate of your website. Google is very sharp on detecting this.

If you want to be really, really want to be so sure, open your Google Analytics account, click on Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages, and sort by Bounce Rate.

Think of adding extra advanced filter to take away. The rule here is to decide on what is sensible for your website, irrespective of whether it gains a mere 500 visits or 10,000 visits.

  1. Deceptive Title Tag and or Meta Description

Why don’t you ask yourself this question, “Is the content in this page exactly encapsulated by the title tag and meta description?”

If your answer is no, then, the users may go to your site expecting your content to be what they think it is. When they realize it is not, they will definitely leave. So, they hit the “back button” and go back to the place where they came from. To remedy this, scrutinize the content of your page and then alter the title tag and meta description.

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