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Numerous websites strive to create traffic. On occasion, it is due to Google’s updates, or either the website is just starting. The truth is, websites does not need to struggle because there are other fresh sources of traffic.

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Regarding Google’s Algorithm

There has been a little confusion when people thought that Google wants fresh content. That may have been rooted because of Google’s freshness algorithm. It advances fresh content when it is currently trending well. It is not supporting the most current published content. Instead, it is fostering trending content.

The date of a content’s publication will not change the web page rank higher.

Google’s freshness algorithm is all about the significance it brings to the users… and a fresh web page is pertinent to someone who is looking for the most current data.

This is what Google wants to clarify:

“…we’re making a significant improvement to our ranking algorithm that impacts roughly 35 percent of searches and better determines when to give you more up-to-date relevant results for these varying degrees of freshness.”

This is an excerpt from Giving you fresher, more recent search results, which is posted on the Official Google blog.

Upgrading Content and NOT just Changing Content

Google’s John Mueller in 2018 shared his views regarding freshness as a ranking enhancement. He said that Fresher doesn’t mean better. He further stated that people should not get used to the idea of altering every time. Instead, he added that bringing your content to a greater extent is even better.

The thing to do is to come up with new content that is significant to people. What Mueller wants to caution us is to stay away from modifying our content, wanting Google to see it as something new and fresh. There is a huge difference between modifying content and updating it. When you change, it is merely editing or modifying. However, when your update, you are making it recent to fit the present time. Certain content may get deleted as it becomes obsolete.

Having said these things, remember that not every site require fresh content to have a high ranking. These are what we call authoritative websites that have worked their way up and has created a good standing with Google. They will definitely stay there until another site gives a more significant and relevant response to the search query.

Fresh Means Significant

SEO folks are inclines to be obsessed with the particulars of Google’s algorithms. Publishers can do big steps simply concentrating on being pertinent to users when they require content regarding fresh topics.

Evergreen content is a content that is always pertinent, and it stays applicable. A new struggling site will surely have a difficult time ranking using evergreen content as they are pitting against the more accepted sites. Coming up with trending topics is a good approach for new and struggling websites. Once you lure them to your site, they will now anticipate evergreen topics from you.

When you consistently create content that is significant to your audience and publishing it frequently. Giving time to these kind of content because evergreen content will surely keep things going on in your site. Despite algorithm changes, your website can adapt well.


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