Scottsdale Web Design – Headline Tips to Make Your Content More Appealing (Part 1)

You are probably wondering of what kind of headline can be appealing enough and can give your website a lot of clicks.

An appealing and interesting headline is a precious tool when it comes to content marketing. The truth is, it is difficult to catch the attention of your audience if you have a feeble headline.

Experts tell us that 8 out of 10 will read the headline, but only 2 of them will bother to read the whole content. This is one of the reason why an interesting headline matters. It serves as an advertisement of what has yet to come. Headlines lure, get attention, determines anticipations, and inspires the users to click.

The New York Times paper on a brown table

To help you, here are tips to give your headline that much needed boost:

  1. The 4U Strategy
  • Here is the formula written by an entrepreneur, business coach, author, and copy writer, Michael Masterson, called the “4U’s.”
    • Urgent
    • Useful
    • Unique
    • Ultra-Specific


When you want your audience to immediately click your headline and read, create urgency for people to be eager and crave. These are the emotions you need to use. But how do you create urgency?

When you give that feeling of insufficiency like they don’t have much time to decide because the supply is not going to last. Another way is to create danger like for example “7 Beverages That Causes Cancer.”


Your headline should have worth. Optimistically, your content will not fall short of your readers’ expectation. Value is the reason why your audience will keep on reading.


Write a headline that no one has read before. Make it unique just like a breath of fresh air. This will catch the curiosity of your reader.  Use a more interesting and unique language. That should inspire your reader to go on with the content.


The more accurate your headline, the more you can deliver an exceptional value of your content.

There are too many contents available but for sure you will not read all of them. You will pick the headlines that addresses your particular issues and queries.

  1. Allow Keywords to Lead You

Keywords are important not just to your audience but to the search engines that links people to your content.

If you are writing a content that is interesting and pertinent that cannot in any way become obsolete, perform a keyword research to figure out exactly what users are looking for.

A little disparity in phrasing in word choice can have an enormous effect on the traffic. You can pick the main keyword while the others can be used as keywords support. Remember that people are busy and the only headlines they will bother about are those that harmonizes with the subject matter that you need.

  1. Make your Headline Captivating.

Captivating, amusing, and readable but first think of your preferred audience to help you determine the tone of your headline. A brilliant headline is one that reverberate vigorously with their audience.

To do this, just keep on writing various headlines. That owe to keep you started and ultimately you will come up with a captivating headline.

  1. Use Alliteration

It is the chaining of words together that starts with similar letter or consonant sound. An example is “She sells seashells by the seashore.

This works well because people just love patterns. It is tricky and melodious and though refine, it has such impact on the reader. It also appeals to a wide range of audience. An obvious alliteration can possibly lure audience.

But wait, there are still more to come in “Headline Tips to Make Your Content More Appealing (Part 2)”