Scottsdale Web Design – Say Goodbye to the 7 Bad SEO Habits of 2019

Hello, 2020! Goodbye 2019 SEO bad habits!

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Below are the SEO approaches that do not work and can cause you to have Google penalties. Here they are:

  1. Establishing pages that have identical content

 This kind of approach is no longer common, but it does not mean that identical content does not happen sporadically. Pages with identical content that is written specifically for keywords, is no good SEO approach. An example would be replicating city pages inside a site having a different city name can be damaging. The ending of which could be a substandard pages that can be damaging, and it can surely affect the whole website.

  1. Developing links by utilizing the usual templates

 You have to be able to know audience, to research and know more about them, and  to come up with a great “marketing” message they can relate to.

Sending a person a generic email requesting for user information will not gain anything. Opt for sending lesser emails that is well researched and knows the concerns of your audience has more chances of being successful. Of course, users never open your email with common salutation like “Dear Website Owner.” It is more personal if you use the name of the person you are writing to like Dear Mr. Richards. 

  1. Solving a ranking problem by obtaining additional links

 Links do matter yesterday and today. It is one essential elements of the ranking algorithm.  It also means public affirmation that mirrors that particular site has precious data.

The mistake of a lot of people is that they acquire links from unusual ways such as bad link directories, buying links, link tricks and spammy approach. This 2020, these kind of approach in developing link strategies should be left behind. Use a marketing and a more user focused kind of approach. 

  1. Adding more insignificant content

SEO and content are interwoven. SEO is nothing without content.

The only problem is if you use insignificant content to add to sites aiming to develop SEO. Stay away from carelessly producing content just to help improve the many pages on a site. Truthfully, high quality content is still the best way to go because it gives more weight to the concerns of the users.

  1. Ignoring the essential on-page optimization

No matter what your position is regarding this matter, a great page title can change a simple searcher to visitor and from visitor to a customer. Who knows what a great title can do, right?

Thus, it is best to improve your page titles and keywords. While you are doing this, improve your heading tags because users do survey a page. An improved heading goes to show that your site does its best to answer the user’s question. 

  1. Not dealing with the technical concerns

Majority of the technical SEO audits show that some issues do damage such as page speed, 404 errors, and so on. Even if you add great content, your ranking will be negatively affected by technical problems. 

  1. Neglecting to enhance images

Lastly, do not forget the images you used. When you put image in your site, always remember alt text and image filename. Rather than an image filename like abc345.jpg, take into account to incorporate a keyword that is indicative of the image. For example, apple-pie-kitchen.jpg. With regards to alt text, do not add generic terms. Utilize a unique description of the image instead. Also, you can even add the keywords in the alt text.