Important On-Page SEO Factors to Optimize (Part 2)

In part 1, we have taken two of the on-page SEO elements. Today, there will be 8 more crucial on-page SEO elements to be discussed.

Plan on revamping the website

What else do we need to change on the website?

  • Meta Description

    • Meta descriptions have an important role in the optimization point from the very start of SEO. Meta tags offers an account of what the page is all about. It is displayed in the SERPs along with the page title. So, never neglect meta descriptions because of the following reasons:
      • Builds up the CTR. Thus, more clicks for your website.
      • Enhances awareness of the honesty of the result.
  • Exciting Headlines

    • If you want to accomplish well in search, write exciting headlines! You have to create an impression and be seen on the SERPs enough to deserve multitude of clicks. But not just clicks, well enough for people to keep on reading and wait for another headline coming from your website. So, what are you waiting for? Think of gripping and exciting headlines.
  • Header Tags

    • Definitely not grave but it has its usage too for both users and SEO. Header tags can influence your rankings. Read below:
      • It allows your content to be comprehensible and pleasurable to read.
      • Highlights the keywords on your content for the purpose of the search engines.
  • SEO Writing

    • Every time you create SEO content, you should think about both the search engines and the users. You just don’t write, you’ve got to remember that you are writing for people who will read your content. Therefore, create something that is brilliant, worthwhile, and applicable today.
  • Keyword Abuse

    • If you think that if you have a lot of pages aiming for a specific phrase or term, stop! Besides, it is unhealthy for your pages to fight for the same keywords. You have to study your site competing against each other just because of using the same or similar fokeywords.
  • Check the Content

    • It is such a mistake to strain your brains hoping that you could create something sensational. You don’t have to do that. Instead, go and browse through the content that you already have. Do the following:
      • Evaluate what content have reached your goals and has gained your ROI.
      • Analyze if your content is outdated.
      • Examine the type of content that works for you.
    • Inspecting the contents that you already have is good, but you also have to update it regularly.
  • Image Optimization

    • Putting images makes your web pages truly enticing but be cautious. There are also images that can slow your site. So, it helps if you optimize your images, it becomes your advantage. That method could really have:
      • More possibilities in ranking.
      • Great quality experience.
      • Quicker page load times.
    • Use images to embellish your content and have conclusive alt text and titles. More image optimization tips are posted here.
  • User Participation

    • Yes, you have enhanced the SEO elements on your website, but there are still 1 unsettled issue. The big hurdle here is to think of a way to make users to continue reading, connecting, and most importantly, for people to go back for more.
    • If you want to do these things, you have to develop a strategy to the speed up your site. Also, you need to guarantee a good user experience. To make sure that they always do, improve your user engagement and you need optimize content.

Now is time for you to make a change regarding your on-page SEO elements. Use the list on both part 1 and part 2!