Trendy Modern Web Design Elements (Part 1)

The web design elements 5 years ago may not be applicable now. Since it’s already 2019, it’s time to renovate your website. I will share with you 3 web design elements. More tips will be discussed on part 2. If you want to go there right away, click here.

Shall we start revamping your website into something in the mainstream and trendy? Let’s get it on!

Card Based Design

  • The card layout is becoming a stylish addition to websites.
  • Basically, the concept of this design is that the content is presented in a card. A variety of cards are presented on your screen, and it’s up to the users to choose what card (or featured image) they are going to click..
  • Pinterest is a popular example of this. Why is it popular though?
  • The card base design allows users to be a glimpse on the content without opening the link. In other words, it is convenient and saves time.
  • Web visitors won’t have to click on every link just to see if it’s something they like. A snippet is provided for people to read.
  • It’s helpful when:
    • you are displaying products on one page. Users can easily decide what products they like basing on the featured image. Shopping is made easy this way!
    • you are focusing on your mobile users. The card image is almost the size of a phone screen.

Enormous Product Images

  • Let the pictures do the talking. Words, sometimes, do not give justice to the product. To emphasize on your product, you need to highlight the features and show your customers the product images.
  • For example, look at Apple’s iPad. On its product page, there are only a few words, and more pictures. The vivid images speak for itself. Basing on the pictures provided, you can conclude that the device is slim, powerful, and it can do what a huge computer is capable.
  • It’s helpful when:
    • you want to show your customers visual proof that your product is exceptional.
    • you want your customers to have a better understanding about your products.
Two People Watching a Video Online.

Two People Watching a Video Online.

Product Videos

  • This is related to the product images. Videos are a popular alternative. Websites are adding a short clip of their product. With videos, you can combine both text and images. Thus, the product is explained more clearly. Customers can decide right away if the product suits them or not.
  • According to an article by Inc. Magazine, product videos are the best marketing weapon in B2B websites. Why? When B2B customers were asked, they openly shared that they look for product videos when researching online. Most of them mention using platforms like YouTube.
  • So, B2B companies should give thought to this study. There is clamor in creating product videos because 92% of B2B customers look for it.
  • It’s helpful when:
    • you want to demonstrate how to use the product.
    • you want to explain unique features of the product.

So, that ends part 1. If you want more, don’t worry because there will be more web design trends discussed on Trendy Modern Web Design Elements (Part 2)!