Serverless Technology and Websites

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Technology may seem easy and convenient, but rather, it’s something more complicated than expected. The process went from tedious manual computing to fast and smooth online transactions. It does not end there though, technology continues to change. Now, computers are connected with wires.

Most companies now utilize cloud computing services. The generally known serverless computing platform Amazon Web Services’ AWS Lambda.

So what does this mean?

It is not easy to implement new ways to companies that have stuck to the traditional computing methods they have been accustomed to. This is why serverless technology can raise some eyebrows, but you should know that serverless technology has greatly increased through the years. There are three remarkable reasons being this huge leap: DECREASES EXPENSES, SPEEDY DEPLOYMENT, and EFFORTLESS SCALING.

Why is it important?

Other than it is the prevalent technology now, the main reason why serverless technology is ideal is because it will minimizes possible loss . Because it is serverless, it is cheaper than the typical wired hosting. You can search for testimonials about how online about how serverless technology helped many companies to cut down costs.


  • CMS

    A content management system (CMS) manages the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment. For the first step, use a caching system to create static pages from the CMS to be served by a cloud service provider. CMS different extensively. You have different options to use but if you want it to be convenient and affordable, use something similar to Amazon Eslasticache.


    Often times when your website features a lot of products and variations, it can cause a major obstacle to the browsing speed. You need to find a way to minimize this setback. The best proven way is using micro-services so that every interaction that the user can have with the website can be grouped into smaller pieces.


    Carts might just be carts but they occupy a lot of space. In your traditional web store, MySQL bottlenecks will eventually go downhill from there. To prevent this unfortunate event from occurring, you can use something like AWS Lamba or Dynamo DB.  You can do your own thorough research on how this greatly aids your carts, especially for those people who place bulk orders. Typically, it is very easy to set up, it will not break your bank account, and it is what you need to productively use serverless technology.

Why are they not following the suit?

Yes, it may be cheap, relevant, and effective. The truth is that the serverless community is still relatively new in the market. People find it risky to just jump and change ships in a snap. It would require time and effort to completely revamp your business’ websites. It is totally understandable if people would still have second thoughts in switching to a new system. It is difficult to learn and test the waters especially when your entire business is at stake. Remember, technology is continuously changing and it is getting more advanced every year. We need to catch up ASAP!