Chatbots on Your Website?

Photography of Woman Using Laptop

We depend on the wonders of technology.

If we want if it’s going to rain or not, we use our phone to know the latest weather forecast.  If we want to ride a cab, we use an app. Everything that we do now is basically dependent on the internet and technology. One of the beneficial effects of technology is being able to communicate despite the geographic differences.

Today, there are limitless options when you browse for communication apps on the Google Play Store / AppStore. These mobile apps have made our lives easier.

So, how is this relevant to your online business? How will it help websites?

You can communicate to your customers using chatbots! What’s a chatbot? A chatbot, according to Google, serves as an interactive agent that is programmed to do specific tasks for you. It can help you to communicate by telling it what to do. You may use it to give specific instructions for products that needs to be assembled, care and storage for fragile products, and anything really that you want to say.

What is its relevance to your website?

Competition is getting out of hand. There are a lot of businesses out there that offer various services and they even have tricks up into their sleeves because the competition is tight. Using chatbots to provide better customer support, to make specific instructions more accessible, and so on.


You can use chatbots as an extension to your website. Use this to your advantage and the most perfect way to put this is to use it as your internet personality or your social voice. You need to be able to answer questions like, “How should we get this across our customers?”, “What tone should we set for them?”, “Should be even bother use emoticons?”, “How are we going to communicate this to our clients?”.

This will also increase productivity. A chatbot will help all websites in reducing typo errors. It greatly helps businesses to improve customer satisfaction and boost profitability. You don’t need to hire additional customer service representatives to compose emails and answer phone calls. Adding a chatbot on your website will help you in disseminating important information.



  • You need to think things carefully. Learn what chatbots are about and how it can help websites in terms of dealing with customers. So, you can strategize on how to prevent any possible problems in the future.

  • If you have decided that chatbots are help your website in answering inquiries and other customer related concerns, it is best research on the available chatbots that you can install in your website or if you need to have one customized.

  • Last but not the least, thoroughly scan your existing client list and ask yourself if your clients will benefit if you decide to automate parts of your website using a chatbot. Will it be helpful? Will it be able to help you get the message across? If it’s a yes, then, you better start researching on chatbots.