Trendy Modern Web Design Elements (Part 2)

Previously, I have discussed importance of having a card base design, enormous product photos, and product videos. If you need to catch up, part 1 is here. Now, let’s continue discussing and I will share 5 more tips in achieving a ultramodern and extraordinary web design.

Unique Typography

  • One way to be distinct is to select a remarkable typography. There are now a lot of websites that sell unique typography so try browsing for something that catches your attention.
  • It’s now easier to express your own style and character. Through your preferred typography, your customers can easily pinpoint your brand.
    • It’s helpful when:
      • you want to be strikingly obvious.
      • you want to introduce a different side of you.
    • Whatever you choose to show, whether it’s happy, serious, friendly, make sure the typography is compatible with a wide array of browsers and devices. If not, the font won’t show properly.

Massive Hero Images

  • Hero images are enormous banners that are on the center of a web page. The picture below is an example of a static hero image. When the photos are changing, then, that’s what you call dynamic. You can combine both image and text to create huge hero banners.
    • It’s helpful when:
      • you want to promote in a creative way. Visually appealing images are more convincing than plain text.
      • you want to give emphasis on a new product, or you want to inform everyone about your bestselling product.

Macbook Pro Beside Mug

Background Videos

  • Another effective alternative aside from hero images is putting background videos. It’s intriguing and quite impossible for someone to just ignore a playing video. Plus, human brains are visual, meaning we remember things better when we are watching rather than reading it. When you are explaining through videos, the things are easier to understand, and information flows seamlessly.
    • It’s helpful when:
      • you want to give emphasis on a new product. this way, you can elaborate on its features.
      • you want to save space. A video can does everything; no need think on what image or text to include.

A flat design

  • When a web design element is not 3D is considered a flat design. A concrete example is when a photo has no shadow. Did you know that Apple applied a flat design back in 2013? It’s because pages to load instantly when the elements used are flat.
    • It’s helpful when:
      • you want to prioritize the speed of your website.
      • Because things are faster, your users can better understand what you are trying to point out.

Hamburger Menu

  • When you have a lot of buttons and menus, it tends to complicate things. To simplify things, you can just add one menu button called hamburger menu.
  • Nope, you won’t need an actual hamburger. Take a look at Google Chrome. They have removed the distractions and the only menu is on the right corner. Notice the 3 lines that are lined up and formed a hamburger-like shape.
    • It’s helpful when:
      • you want to make things easy for your users, and improve user experience.
      • you want to remove the clutter and delete options that causes confusion.