Scottsdale Web Design – 3 Tips to Follow for You to Gain Google’s Favor (Part 1)

In the vast word of SEO, we all can’t deny that Google makes the rules. Of course, we want to make our customers happy. When we design a website, we always look out for their interest. How about Google? How do we stay on Google’s good side?

Google search logo

In this blog post, I will tell you the SEO practices will make Google happy. For sure, you will be able to grab not just the users’ attention, but also Google’s favor. Here are the 3 rules to follow:

  1. Exceptional content

  • It all starts with content. No matter how cliché it sounds, but it is true. Content is the first thing Google will check. In another article, I talked about the top ranking factors. (See: Google Webmaster Martin Splitt Shares the 3 Most Important SEO Factors)
  • However, it shouldn’t just be any content. It should be distinct, extraordinary, and unlike any other. To be honest, it is easier said than done. For me, for you to be different, you need to show your own personality. Do not try to copy another just because it’s popular. Dare to different from the rest and you will surely stand out!
  • You will surely catch Google’s attention with a unique article. Of course, it can be about an already popular topic, but try to add your opinion. Do your own research and share what you know. For sure, Google will reward you with high rankings.
  • Thus, it best to allocate more time on content creation. You can take advantage of the free tools available online, or you can subscribe to paid tools.
  1. Captivating content

  • Content should not be only unique, but it also has to be captivating to the audience’s eyes. It should compel them to click and to take action!
  • A good measure of a content that captures the readers is through user engagements. Moreover, it can be assessed through the number of likes, shares, comments, replies an article has gained. For more details, refer to 7 User Engagement Tips and Why User Engagement is Important for SEO.
    • Why is it important?
      • In essence, it is a clear indication that people are interested in a topic. They allocate their time to comment and share an article.
      • Goggle can see this as a positive sign
    • For example, 2 contrasting sites talk about 1 same topic. So, they compete for the same keyword. Google will now asses which one should rank higher. Of course, Google will pick the one with 56 likes, 27 comments, and 14 shares over a website that did NOT get any engagements.
  • How about you? How would asses these sites? Social media shares may not directly influence rankings, but it is a clear sign of user engagement. We all know how important user engagement is for SEO.
  1. Adequate page titles and meta descriptions

  • Here are some tips to improve your titles and meta descriptions:
    • Keep titles around 60 characters maximum, and do not go over 70 characters.
    • Meta descriptions should be around the length of a standard tweet (140 characters.)
    • Strive to make your page titles and meta descriptions distinct for every web page.

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