Make Your Search Listings Exceptional on Google in 4 Easy Ways

There is one way of having a lot of CTR that can drive additional traffic to your site. Rivalry in SERPs is tough ever since Google has done a lot of changes in its algorithms. You owe to greatly increase the size of your listing, and here are four tips that can assist you to do just that.

smartphone showing Google Search

Step 1: Create a full and captivating meta description

Meta descriptions are disregarded in SEO. It may not be as essential in search ranking as compared to backlinks or social signals. The question now is, what comprises an awesome meta description? How do you create one that will be exceptional enough to garner a good results in Google?

Here are some strategies:

  • Stay away from few meta descriptions – You have 160 characters to write and create the substantial description and keep it in two lines only which depends on the volume of the words you will use.
  • Do not forget a gripping CTA– influence people to click through:
  • Begin with an action word to compel people to action.
  • End your piece with another action word to affect people to another action.
  • Always ask a question to induce thinking right away.
  • Utilize a cliffhanger – if it did well in novels and soap operas, it will likewise do the same with meta description.
  • Make use of keywords – If your title or description matches a word query, this will be highlighted and that will bring more awareness to your listing.

There is nothing wrong in adding more strength, weight, and power just to be excellent on Google.

Step 2: Aim for two results in the SERPs.

If you can, aim on having 2 or more search results in the first page of the SERPs. You see, Google links pages that came from the same domain if one and the other are in the same SERP.

The following is a good scheme:

  • Begin with the title and then the meta description– Fit together keywords that are on the lower ranking page and words in the higher ranking page. You must not make a duplicate. Instead, make sure your content is one of its kind but pertinent to the keyword.
  • Assess page optimization- Again, no duplication here. Assess the higher ranking pages, and take note of the headers and keywords used.
  • Use outside links – Do blog posts on other sites. You can also find dead links on a website that could lead to your page. Then, inform the web admin that you found broken links so they can correct it.

Step 3: Add snippets.

Snippets is beneficial to your search listings. But know that there are reasons why:

  • Keyword is highlighted in every portion.
  • Star rating can add a line to the listing, this means that even if it has low rating, it would still be noticed.
  • A rating list can be noticed due to the location lists.

Step 4: Obtain sitelinks

Google tells us that sitelinks are self-regulating and will be shown if it is functional to the search users.

    • Present URL
    • Send a site map
    • Rethink your site

Other techniques you can do: