SEO Principles That Are Important to Small Business Owners (Part 2)

As a small business owner, you don’t need to dig deeper about SEO. You just need to understand the basics of how it works because knowing SEO will surely lighten your work load.

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Aside from running a business, you need to be your own marketing team, PR team, sales team, customer service team, and even maintenance team. It can be tiring to juggle everything all at once!

Shall we start discussing 2 main SEO principles? (Part 1 is right here in case you’re wondering!)

  • Links

  • We all know links is one of the important ranking signals aside from high-quality content, website speed, user experience. As an online seller, link building can be a tricky thing to learn. In fact, even those who are SEO experts struggle. Here are a few things you need to note:
  • Why are links significant?

    • Some will argue with the semantics, but at its core, you can think of a link as a vote and some votes are more equal than others.
    • A link passes through a “PageRank.” It serves a voting system for the content being associated to. If the linking page is strong, and the link is visible on many pages, the more it has value.
    • The more the link gets clicked, the more it gets important. It has more significance.
  • What to search for in a link?

    • It really depends on the scenario. However, there are a few thing you need to know:
    • Is there a specific for the link to exist aside from link building?
      • If you would say “no,” then, your link has no value at all. So, if there is no specific reason for it, don’t put it on your website. It’s as simple as that!
    • Do your opponents have the link?
      • Having a website that 1 or 2 of your rivals is no harm. However, if it links to 3 or more rivals, then, it’s time to be alarmed. If it is ranking well, it is a firm indication that the links have weight.
    • Would you be satisfied with where the link would be redirected?
      • There are websites with links located at the strangest parts of the site. I don’t see the purpose, but it’s there. If users won’t even utilize it, then, the links you posted are pretty much meaningless. Again, if it has no purpose, don’t include it.
  • Readability should be your main concern.
  • The bottom line is that the anchor text should match the user’s expectation when they click the link. Use words that are appropriate for the content. If you don’t, you are simply misleading you users, and they won’t like that.


  • The Technical Side

    • Technical SEO means the back-end of things: the codes, the servers, and all that. You will be able to feel the impact in these areas:
      • Website speed.
      • Structured data.
      • Internal links.
      • The scripts used.
      • Duplicate content.
      • Inaccurate tags.
      • When changing to HTTPS.
    • Indeed, Technical SEO includes a wide scope of topics such as CMS, hosting, website type, and so on. At some point, it even covers more than that.  So, if you have no knowledge, I suggest you don’t get your hands dirty and end up making things worse. Ask the help of SEO professionals. I’m sure Scottsdale Web Design can help you with this!