Web Strategies to Gain More Sales

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Things to do to gain more conversions.

A lot of businesses now have chosen to put up an online and the public have adapted the concept of e-commerce. You can now buy products from other countries without even visiting that country. As a business owner, you have to know that a good-looking website helps, but it is not everything. This guide can help you gain more customers and eventually, increase sales.

  • Avoid Choice Paralysis. Choice Paralysis happens when there are TOO many choices presented. When customers are given unlimited options, they will probably end up confused. In order to avoid Choice Paralysis, you must give suggestions on what to buy, provide buying guides, highlight the new items, and bestsellers. Take a look at Wordery. You will notice that not every book is listed. On the home page, they have a bestsellers list. If you don’t like that, you can scroll down a bit and see a new releases list. They also provide a book of the week list and a book for students list.
  • Give a Preview of the Product. Whether online stores or  physical stores, the customers always want to see what they are buying.  No one would want a tattered dress or a dented book. To erase doubts, you must show the product. Provide pictures of how it actually looks like, and if you can, allow the customers to zoom in on the photo. Let’s go back at our example, when you browse a book at Wordery, you will see the book cover, dimensions of the book, weight and other details that will be useful to the customer. If you are selling dresses, there should be photos of the dress in several colors, or sizes. Another thing to add is a sizing charts so that the customers can easily compare the different dress sizes.
  • Provide a Trial Version. If you have noticed whenever you are at Costco, the staff would give out a free sample of their products. Even online, it is also important to allow customers to try the product. Nowadays, several software companies give free versions of their apps. As a customer, you do not have to buy these products to be able to use them. If you like a particular product, you can choose to buy the paid version of the app.  As a business owner, it is an effective strategy because when your customers like your product and they find it useful, they will surely rely on it. When they depend on it, they will most likely upgrase and purchase the premium version of the app. Give your customers a glimpse of your product and do not just let them rely on their imagination. Instead, let them try the product, and the product itself will win customers.
  • Generate a Desire for the Product. You have to get the attention of your target audience. Once you have it, gain their interest by telling them how useful these products are. Then, you can give them a limited time offer like free shipping on the all orders placed within 24 hours, or an extra 10% off on books during Christmas.