Things To Do Before You Launch Your Website

multiple computers

Checking a website in multiple computers.

A website looks so easy to make.

Behind the professional and stylish look of a website, there are many things to deal with. One little mistake can cause colossal consequences and things get blown out of proportion. It can truly be very stressful at times. Websites may differ in design and purpose, but usually, there are things you must check before launching your very own website.

  • Read every content. It is important to proofread every posted content. Check the grammar, the spelling, the alignment, the details given. Take your time in reading everything you see. Look closely at the company details: email, business address, social media accounts, every contact detail. Once you are done, read it again. Ask other people to read it because they might see errors you missed.
  • Check all the links posted. Verify all the links if they redirect to the correct product or page. Make sure all the links are distinct and site visitors can recognize them as links. Link descriptions should also coincide with the content. For example, the About Us page should look like …/about.php, and not have a link like …/xs1922.php. This link checker will help you to verify your website’s links.
  • Functionality Check.  It is extremely important to check the login form, registration form, comment section, payment details, and check out. The forms should work accordingly and the data submitted on the forms should be accurate and correct.
  • Cross-Browser Check. Your website should be functional in all browsers, and devices. Do not focus on desktop browsers because these days there are a lot of mobile users. Gradually, people are using their phones in shopping. Make sure that the texts are not too small for mobile users. Use this link to check how mobile friendly your site is.
  • Test the images and videos.  All the photos should be optimized, and have a relevant caption, alt text. Ensure that the file sizes are not too large. More huge images would mean longer loading time.
  • Website back up. It is important to back up your website in case of a cyber attack. You should have a copy of all the data.

More things to check…

There should be designated page that will help your website visitors in case an error occurs. If not, they will say that your website is unreliable.  Multiple 404 errors (page not found) will absolutely discourage website visitors. Inspect your third-party and e-commerce functionality are working properly especially if you are selling items.