Four Ways to Make a Functional Website

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Online shopping made easy.

People nowadays prefer online shopping than shopping at an actual store. Having a website is a great tool for your business to grow and with that, you can reach millions of people, and you can even cater to clients overseas. Everyone uses the internet to search and shop. They look for directions and contact numbers online before they actually decide to drive for miles just for a thing or two that they have been wanting to buy for a very long time. If you are business owner, this list will help you on how to achieve your website’s fullest potential especially in sales and marketing.

  1. Distinct Call-to-Action buttons.

    You might ask, what are CTA buttons? These are the buttons that will get your customers to browse your website. It could be a “Shop Now!“, “View the Latest Deals” buttons. These are the buttons that customers can click and they can learn more about your products and services. They can also be a “Call Us Now!” sign where you added your business’ phone number or any contact information. Give every important contact details and make the customers can easily access these. Make their browsing experience pleasant and do not make click several buttons just to get want they want.

  2. Sign up shouldn’t be mandatory.

    As much as possible, do not require sign ups. Websites now have an option to shop as guest. If you require a long buying process, your potential customers might change their minds. You will create a stumbling block if you require them to sign up. Help your customers to shop with ease and to buy an item with less textboxes to fill.

  3. Help your customers.

    Do not assume that everyone knows what they want to buy. You have to educate your customers about your products and provide them a buying guide especially if it is their first time to shop online. Help them to shop smoothly and to get a product that will find useful. For example, if you are selling beauty products, you can maybe provide make up tutorials, or create a video about essential must haves.  If you are selling dresses, you can provide style guides. Give out visual guides on outfits for various seasons, different body types, and age groups. Whatever your business might be, guide your customer because if they will like what they bought, they will surely comeback to buy more.

  4. Keep your website design simple.

    You don’t need a colorful design. Using two or three colors will do. There is nothing wrong with embracing the white space because this way your customers can see your products clearly. Give them better product photos and vibrant CTA buttons. Do not focus on the design; make them click that Buy Now instead.