What Your SEO Strategy Needs (Part 1)

We take time in developing SEO strategies that would help the world of ecommerce in general. It’s nice to know that we think about the benefits it does to each and every one of us. However, we forget our own unique SEO game plan. To help you simplify things, here are 3 things what every SEO strategy needs.

  1. A Mind Mapping Tool
  • A mind map is going to help you from start to finish. You start with a broad idea then, you narrow the possible solutions gradually. It does not only help you think about the present, but also the future.
  • Mind Meister is one popular mind mapping tool. With this, you are able to easily visualize new concepts and combine them together with existing ideas. You will be able to see if they fit perfect or not!
  • You can now focus more on developing strategies instead of worrying if they will work. Taking down notes are simplified. Mind Meister helps you to formulate ideas in a very unconventional way. Because it is visual, you can see everything right away. No need to imagine the “what if” scenarios.

3 people discussing their project

  1. A Project Management Tool
  • So, now that your concept is more concrete, you need tools to document.
  • There will tons of tasks to do, goals to achieve, and things to make sure. You need to carefully plan monitor all that you do.
  • As time passes, I’m pretty sure it’s hard to keep track on the unfinished tasks. You need to constantly coordinate with the various teams to know the updates of the project.
  • One should be able to easily revise or edit certain errors. Tools such as Google Sheets, Trello, Workzone, Basecamp, Jira, Wrike will help you keep up with the changes of the project. (Trello is my personal fave by the way!)
    • You need to work as a team and every team member should have a clear knowledge on:
      • who needs to finish a particular task.
      • what tasks should be done first.
      • who is responsible for posting updates.
      • what tasks are not yet done, ongoing, completed, and so on.
  1. Knowledge of the Company
  • Of course, you would not know how to apply your SEO knowledge if you don’t know your company. Even if you are merely a temp, you still need to understand how your company works in order to create the best suited SEO strategy for it. As you create a unique strategy, take note of these factors:
    • The product’s USP.
      • Know the unique selling point. Whether you are selling a single product or a million products, you need to know what sets you apart, and what makes you stand out over your competitors.
      • Moreover, you will know how to connect with your audience, and how promote these products to different people.
    • The company’s beliefs.
      • Whatever strategy you will formulate, it needs to coincide with the company’s vision. Of course, it needs to be favorable to the company, and it should NOT divert from the company’s beliefs.
      • In order to personalize the SEO strategy, you need to know the company’s goals: what they want what to achieve, what they want to develop, and what they want to happen in the future.