Scottsdale SEO – SEO Trends This 2019! (Part 2)

If you enjoyed reading the SEO trends on the last post, here are more tips you might want to apply:

What do THEY want?

  • No matter how AMAZING your work is, if the content you are providing is NOT for them, it is NEVER going to work. It is imperative to know what your audience wants. Know what they want to know!
  • Do they prefer video tutorials? Do they want fashion tips? It is YOUR task to find out what content they like. Also, you have to know if they prefer the information through video, through blog posts, or through images and infographics.
  • Your users are on your website because they WANT something. Be sure you are able to answer them in the easiest way. This is never about you; it is all about your audience so know what they like and how they like it.

High-Quality Content.

  • If you are posting content just to FILL an empty space, you are going to fail miserably. Your audiences aren’t dumb. Besides, Google is now focusing on how to detect quality and depth in different websites. SEO performance of websites with exceptional content has greatly increased throughout 2018.
  • So, this 2019, be sure to provide content that can actually solve a problem. Research on what is “IN” and work around it. If you think there should be more about beauty, then, create makeup tutorials of your own fashion line. Perhaps, you can also mix and match your product line and other popular brands. That way, you can introduce your products subtly introduce your products.
  • Go on and guide the user through a series of blog posts. Give them quick and easy tips that will help them get through the day.
  • Excellent results will only materialize if you exert the same effort on sharing content. Think carefully what you will post. Make sure it has substance before you click publish.
Laptop, notes, and plan

Plan carefully what to post and learn from these SEO trends

Remember to E-A-T.

  • EAT means expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, and these are important points in Google’s search guidelines. This is another trend that you have to closely monitor. Don’t just blabber what you know and your expertise. Welcome guest writers, too.
  • You can invite experts to share their opinion on your website. Do not rush because you will eventually be recognized authority in a particular field. Take one step at a time and focus on your audience first.
  • Being trustworthy is consulting the right experts for the subject. You aren’t the only expert in town. Be more collaborative this 2019, and listen to what other people has to say. Learn and apply them when producing content.

Stop relying on Google.

  • 2019 could be anyone’s game. This year, try to include other search engines as well. Do not just enhance your website for Google. That’s what SEO is all about. Know what people are looking for and giving it to them. Know what generates an action from your audience and not just give them a link your website.
  • Apps are popular nowadays. You need to make sure you are visible in the different app stores, too. Not just that! Videos and podcasts also have a huge following. The top brands are multi-faceted, and they just don’t focus on gaining a high-ranking website. You should do the same!