Questions to Ask Before Building Website

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Nowadays, creating a website is as easy as 1-2-3! There many people who can design websites and even a teenager could. Numerous website builders provide you countless of options. But before you jump in and create one for yourself, ask yourself these important questions.

  • What is the website for?

    It is crucial to identify the purpose. You will be able to save time because you already know where your business is going.  In the online world of businesses, there are three main classifications of your site:

    • A Brochure Website –  This type goes well if you have utilize offline marketing too. You will mention your website, along with your social media links, in your offline ads. More details about the products and services are reflected on your website.
    • A Lead Generator Website – This is an upgrade from just having a brochure website. You will want people to locate your website while they browsing and once they have seen your website, they will most likely contact you. After an inquiry, most likely a sale will follow.
    • A Website That Serves As A Shop – The third type will allow people to easily buy from your website. They will not need to go to your actual store.  They can avail the products and services with just a few clicks. Once people see your wide collection of products for sale, they will most likely click that Buy Now button.
  • How will the world find your website?

    It’s like a needing in a haystack. Just having a website is not enough because let’s face it: THERE ARE MILLIONS OF WEBSITES AND NEW ONES ARE ADDED EVERY SINGLE DAY. How will you stand out from the rest? You really need to strategize on how you can make your online presence felt.

  • Visibility is important online. You need to know the basics of online advertising and SEO. You can also collaborate with other online brands. Social media is a good online marketing tool too!
  • Support your website by including some offline strategies. Networking and public relations makes a  difference too. Share your website to friends and people close to you.
  • How do you make website visitors stay?

    According to a study, a person’s average time in a website is only 68 seconds. How many of your call-to-action buttons will actually generate sales?

    One sure way to let them stay is content. You should be able to find ways to provide quality content. You need to give the people what they want. Inform and educate your website visitors. Once they know that they will learn something from your website, be it an instructional video or an infographic, they will surely stay.

  • What will the website visitors do?

    Of course, you would want people to buy a lot products from your website. A first time website visitor will surely not click that BUY button immediately because they don’t know your website. So, a relationship should built first. They will maybe inquire about a product first. Be sure to be able to answer them right away.

    You could also offer free downloads in exchange of their email address. That way when you something new to offer, you can share it all to your email subscribers.

  • How to maintain website visitors?

    According to a research, 4 out of 5 web visitors will never visit the same site again. So, how do you sustain web visits? To convince people to come back, you need to:


    1. Having numerous high quality content. It’s not more of the numbers, but kind of content.
    2. Frequently add new things to your website. Little changes will do.
    3. Give free stuffs or discount coupons to your email subscribers. That will surely convince them to visit again.

  • How are to monitor your website?

    Measure your statistics and know what works best for your website. You should know the number of website visitors, the exact time they viewed your website, how they found your website, and etc. Basing from these stats given, you can generate an online marketing campaign that fits your site.