Scottsdale Web Design – SEO Beginners Should Aim Their Attention on These 3 Things

In order to provide the best search results to its users, Google constantly updates its search algorithms. From time to time, Google releases algorithmic updates such as Penguin, Panda, RankBrain, and many more.

Honestly, it will take time to familiarize all the rules set by Google. Your SEO skills won’t develop in just a snap, and you will need time and practice to apply all what you have learned over time. After you know how to play the SEO game, you still need to continue to learn because the game changes any time Google wants it to.

No one gets to know everything about SEO. That’s why beginners are having second thoughts about venturing into SEO. Over time, the rules change. SEO gets more and more complicated. For beginners, this ever-changing landscape frightens them.

man doing mountain climbing

How to climb the SEO ladder?

In this blog post, I will guide all you SEO beginners and help you to focus on the important things. Of course, everyone will need to start from the bottom. Below are the 3 areas you need to specifically dwell on:

  1. The RankBrain Algorithm
  • Just this year, Gary Illyes of Google answered some questions on Reddit. In his post, he explained further what constitutes the RankBrain algorithm. More than anything else, RankBrain uses AI to solve the users’ queries.
  • To be more specific, RankBrain uses the search data of its searches to assume what they would want to achieve. RankBrain would look into the search history for unsolved queries. It tries to know the user intent basing from this search history.
  • Then, RankBrain strives to find the best results for the searcher. In other words, Google is smart enough to know the undisclosed intents of the users. More precisely, it thinks like any other human being.
  • For example, you searched for “Japan.” This could mean many things: travel to Japan, information about Japan, and so on. You did NOT indicate to “travel to Japan,” but it gave you ideas on the places to visit in Japan. Google assumed that these travel guide will be helpful to you.
  • Because you previously searched for “Japan,” it would show suggestions on Japanese anime, movies, goodies, and everything you will most likely love basing from your previous searches. So, know what people are searching, and develop sensible content around these search queries. If you think like a human being, then, you will surely earn Google’s favor.
  1. Find the Right People.
  1. Develop an Authoritative Website
  • Like in the real world, you need to work on your credibility for people to believe you. You also need to strengthen your website’s credibility. No one would dare to purchase on your website if it seems shady.
  • You can ONLY influence others if you have authority. So, how do we make people to trust your website?
  • One way is to gain inbound links from other authoritative sites. For people to link your website, you first need to develop high-quality content. Once your content is useful to others, they will link your website on their respective sites. Another way is to do a guest post on other websites.