Tips in Enhancing Your SEO Strategy

In order to upgrade your SEO strategy, you need to first identify the areas of improvement. For me, these are things you need to develop:

  1. Content
  2. Link Building
  3. Click-Through Rate
  4. Engagements

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  • Try to Produce Exceptional Content

    • Back then, 500-word posts are long enough for your content. Now, the articles are longer; some are even extended up to 2,000 words. Dig deeper and expand ideas further. Don’t just discuss the surface. Explain each topic and subtopic in detail.
    • This way, you will appear more knowledgeable to your readers. You are regarded with authority. Furthermore, you need to remember that Google doesn’t care about your intent but your users’ intent.
    • If you produce more content that provides users the solution they need, then, search engines will love you and rank your website higher.
    • Research more on how to create longer contents with word count of more than 500 words. Longer content will allow you to use a variety of relevant keywords. This will help you in improving your website ranking.
    • How to make content longer? You can add the following to enhance and diversify your content:
      • Quick poll to know your users’ preference.
      • Interactive quizzes for fun.
      • Integrating both texts and images into one infographic.
      • Survey questions on how to improve your website.
      • Videos tutorials or how to guides.
    • These elements offer a breath of fresh air, break monotony, lessen bounce rate, and help users stay longer on your website. Ultimately, it boosts your site rankings.

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  • Increase Link Building Efforts

    • When you provide quality content, people will easily quote your content or share your link. It will spread across the internet in no time.
    • Different website should share your link or include your link in their site. Also, you have to practice internal linking. Share links in various parts of website and not just your main page.
    • As much as possible, you would want other websites to link you using your brand name or your preferred keywords. So, you need to look at your opponents’ links. Do a lot websites share their link? Do other people quote their content? Make sure you cater to websites that your opponents have penetrated.
    • Always go back to rule #1. Produce superior content so other people will be linking your website to their own site. Motivate people to share your link and its contents. You can only do that if your content interests your readers.


  • Enhance Page Titles to Increase Click-Through Rate

    • Your titles are what your readers see first when viewing the search engine results. Formulate attention-grabbing headlines.
    • First impression matters. It is what encourages users to click. Give your titles some thought and don’t make hasty decisions. When adding titles, be specific, be unique, and not some generic-sounding blog post.
    • Use power words to compel users to read your articles. Your titles should be able to subtly tell your readers, “Hey, click me!”

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  • Give Importance to User Engagements

    • Encourage people to leave a comment, interact with users, and learn more about your products.
    • Add relevant call-to-action buttons all throughout your website to guide users about the ins and out of your website.
    • For them to comment more, of course, you need to do your share. Interact with readers and reply to their comments. You can’t expect them to do all the talking. Do your part and reach out as well!