How to Construct Emails that Are Enthusiastically Anticipated

handwritten letters

creating a personal email.

For your website to gain more customers, you need to reach out to your email subscribers. Encourage them to check out your website. Through your emails, you can update your subscribers about the latest deals, new products, and buying guides on your website. How do you create an email that is highly anticipated? The 8 important tips below will help you in building a more friendly, more conversational, and less generic emails.

  • Be reliable.

    • People trusted you with their email address. Do not take it lighty by giving out mediocre content. Be transparent and let them know what to expect when you send out emails. Yes, there will be marketing emails, but reiterate what lies ahead.
  • Talk to your subscribers directly.

    • Like letters, emails should be personal. Construct an email that does not seem very generic. Do not write as if you are writing to the general public. Instead, write an email as if you are talking to one person. It’s important to note the usage of the 1st person point of view. For example, “As a way of saying thank you, I would like to offer YOU a discount voucher.
  • Time is gold.

    • We are all busy adapting a fast-paced life. Don’t waste anyone’s time. If you constantly send emails, it gets annoying. Your readers would definitely hit that unsubscribe button out of sheer annoyance. Send out emails when you truly have some important to share.
  • Be a true friend.

    • Don’t just talk to your email subscribers every time you need something from them. Be friendly and talk to them by sharing something useful or helpful. Listen to their suggestions. It’s not all the time you would do talking. A real friend knows how to listen. They will eagerly anticipate your emails if they know that their voice is being heard.
  • Put your name.

    • Why is this important? People like to know who they are talking to, and they would absolutely know if they are interacting to a chat bot. If your emails feel like handcrafted personal mails, it feel close, personal, and something made for especially for them. Your readers would look forward to getting more emails in the future. Adding a name at the end of the email just makes it more special.
  • Be natural.

    • Don’t try to be someone you are not. It will make the email appear scripted. Feel free to be yourself. You don’t need to sound like a sales agent in order to sell a product or convey an important message.
  • Break the barrier.

    • Reach out to your subscribers and tell them you understand what they are going through. Identify with their struggles, and offer a helping hand.  This how you get more ideas to post on your blog. Provide tips and solutions that will be beneficial to your readers.
  • Reward your subscribers for reading your emails.

    • People should receive a token for reading. How should you do this? Give useful tips. Teach them something valuable. Brighten their day. Give out discount codes. Make them feel good about themselves. Share an inspirational quote.

In conclusion, I would to emphasize on the importance of relationships. Don’t treat your email subscribers as mere customers. Instead, treat them like family. Be there for them and talk to them. For the next topic, I will discuss tips on how to get your emails opened. For now, you can read on the different email greetings you shouldn’t use. I’ve also listed 5 email marketing ideas here.