Scottsdale Web Design – Helpful Tips in Becoming a Terrific SEO Consultant (Part 1)

Being a consultant is not an easy job but is exceedingly worthwhile. There are many components and qualities that will make you stand out. Hence, it takes a lot of hard labor, consistent training and developing.

Business Meeting Woman Presenting with a Laptop on the Desk

So, here are some tips to help you be that kind of an SEO consultant.

  1. Determine the Goals

Determining the goals has to be discussed right from the beginning so that everyone that will work on the project with good comprehension of what are to be accomplished. It will also help you gauge the project as well.  These will be the barometer on whether or not everything was a success in the end. Remember, SEO tools won’t be able to help you in this step.

  1. Teach your Clients 

This is a must if you want to have a great relationship with your clients. When your client realizes your expertise, it follows that your value is now known. So, when we talk about SEO, it can be about the keyword research, technical SEO like page speed, internal linking, off-page links, on-page SEO, and a lot more. Apart from these, SEO keeps on changing. So, a client that has no experience with SEO might not be able to understand. When we talk about understanding, we need to know the following about your client:

  • Does your client has an experience in marketing?
  • What is your client’s post in the company and his accountability?
  • Does your client have knowledge in your area of expertise?
  • Has your client worked with another consultant in the past?
  • What are the finest methods that your client is aware of? Are they like yours?

Having known the above, you can now start to help your client understand where your client needs help.

  1. Indicate your Expertise

A real consultant does not only know what is currently going on; he understands the entire scenario.

It is highly crucial to show how much you know about the account, the company, and the industry in general. You may need to ask as many questions as needed for you to gather all the data that are important.  Another step you should take is to consistently verify with your client if there are any important changes, new priorities to implement. You have to guide them because some tasks may not be one of the urgent priorities.

Likewise, put an effort in understanding the client’s industry, the business and its landscape. Know also the major competitors. Having said that, make sure you subscribe to the best publications in the business, have Google Alerts notify you on the latest activities of the competitors. Finally, do not settle in taking orders; instead, tell your client how to get to the goals of the project. Remember, you are the specialist, not the client. The small things that you do will absolutely win trust and more value for you as a great consultant.

Now that you have established your value, we can now discuss more tips in the second part. See you next time on Helpful Tips in Becoming a Terrific SEO Consultant (Part 2)!