Scottsdale Web Design – Reasons Why SEO and Web Design Go Hand in Hand (Part 2)

So far, in Reasons Why SEO and Web Design Go Hand in Hand (Part 1), I already stated two pointers. I discussed your site should mobile friendly and it should be designed for mobile reading.

pencils and smartphone on top of books

Today, here are 4 more reasons why.


  1. The Page Speed
  • Is your website slow? Are you aware what makes it slow? There is a strong possibility that it is your web design. If your ranking is down, it is probably because of the people leaving your site. Follow some of the tips to ensure a speedy site. Additionally, you can speed things up by taking out all the unneeded plugins, permitting browser caching, compressing your images and a lot more.
  • Have in mind that your site must load in 2 seconds. Longer than that may mean that half of those who came to your site will leave. Page speed is critical especially when it comes to mobile phone because people will not stay long. It is also a great concern for Google.
  • Remember that the faster the speed of your website, the faster Google can crawl it. If your site is slow, then, very little pages in your site will be indexed.
  1. Great Content
  • Let us go over your content. Is it instinctive? Brief? Clear? Straightforward? Google prefers website that are clear and intuitive. It goes for content that is quick to follow, logical, and the keywords are located where they should be. The best way to make it there is how-to blog posts, FAQ pages, and other pages that are helpful to the users. More info on:  How to Boost a Content That Is NOT Doing Well?
  1. The Sitemaps
  • Your web design can be of great aid when we talk about crawling your site. A sitemap is a critical component to have if you hope for search engine to be able to crawl your site. It gives search engines of the pages and content that are in your site. This means, you get to say to search engines what the important pages are. Additionally, sitemaps also help in the user browsing. A first time visitor use it in going around your website.  Learn more on building sitemaps here.
  1. Obtaining User’s Confidence
  • You cannot really determine the quantity of people’s trust in your site. Nonetheless, winning trust is still a big share in greater ranking. People rapidly shape views, and when they do, it is hard to alter their minds.
  • We have for many years see well developed websites that gives users remarkable journeys. This is the standard we have in mind when we visit a site. People want to see sites that are neat, simple to navigate, and loads fast. We are incline to think that this type of sites are credible. Check out the 7 Crucial Assets of a Great Website.
  • An archaic and outmoded websites or hard to utilize will give a lot of people a bad impression. And when they go, there will never have a second time. It would be a waste especially if you have a great product or service but since your website does not show this, you not only lose good ranking, but you will lose the chance to convert them as well.