Product Page Essentials (Part 2)

If your online store is not so much clicks, most probably, it’s not the product that needs to be replaced. Perhaps, it’s the product page. Your product page needs a little spring cleaning. It’s time to delete old web elements that’s not working anymore, and add certain elements that will help convince people to buy your products.

Two Women Looking at their Smartphone

Two Women Looking at their Smartphone

For this blog post, I’m going to share 4 product page essentials to covert more lurkers to customers. Previously, I already shared 4 tips so this post is basically a continuation.

Time to revamp the product page into a better version:

    • Product descriptions are extremely important, and they’re just there to fill an empty space.
    • According to OneSpace’s detailed research, websites gained an 84% increase in web traffic by redoing their product description. The survey only stated editing 10% of the description. Imagine, if you would  edit more than that, the potential of convincing web visitors to buy would be higher.
    • Try to be different, and don’t just add a generic description given by the manufacturer. This is your chance to give a thorough description about the product you are selling.
    • Make it easy for your customers to imagine your products using the right words.
      • Pro Tips:

      • In a previous post, I already discussed how to write product descriptions.
      • Product descriptions should not follow a certain structure. Instead, it should follow your brand’s voice. Whatever you decide, please make it scannable for everyone’s convenience.
      • Customers will always be doubtful because there hard-earned money is at stake.
      • If you answer all the commonly asked questions on your product descriptions, it will just make it long, boring, and uninteresting.
      • So, dedicate a page strictly for the frequently asked questions. There, you can address your customers’ question. Erase their doubts by explaining how you do business.
      • As stated on the photo on this post, there’s an huge increase of mobile users. People are shifting to using their mobile for online shopping. With that being said, over 34% of web revenues were all thanks to shopping on mobile devices. This data is only in 2017 alone so it’s expected to greatly rise in the coming years.
      • It’s going to be a shame if your online store is only optimize for desktop computers. Time to give priority to your store’s mobile version. Both desktop and mobile versions should ensure clarity, readability, and scannability.
      • In this digital age, people have developed a fear of missing out. When people see that you have an ongoing a flash sale that’s only for 12 hours, they will surely hurry and move the items on their wishlist to their shopping carts. Add a sense of urgency so that your website will invite more people and more sales.
      • People can feel the urgent need to shop if you add countdown timers too. Remind them through timers and banners that the sale will end soon so they better buy the items now. If you are looking for more psychological tricks, you can view them here and add them on your site.