Product Page Essentials (Part 1)

Sometimes, you are wondering why a website is not gaining much attention. Perhaps, it’s time to revamp your product page. Sales are affected by how to you design your product page so I will share web design tips. These suggestions are pretty easy to do and it will make your product page stand out.

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Read the 4 tips below:

    • No customer would buy something they haven’t seen. So, on your product page, try to add high-resolution images of your product. As an online store, you need to provide a satisfying shopping experience by providing a preview of your product.
    • You can also provide the exact dimension of the item along with the product photo. Attach pictures from different viewing angles.
      • Pro Tips:
      • Keep the background white because your colorful products will definitely stand out more on an achromatic background.
      • Include photos of people using your product so buyers can anticipate the size. The picture may give the wrong impression that a product is large when, in fact, it is just tiny and pocket-size.
      • If a product is available in multiple colors, provide product photos on the all the available colors.
      • If you read my previous post regarding Robert B. Cialdini’s book, I shared that people respond to offers when you give out a freebie. Surely, they are more likely to buy from your website when they receive a free shipping voucher from you.
      • So, offer a limited-time offer discount or a free item on their first purchase. People can’t say no to FREE items. You can use this as leverage for people to take action. To prevent abuse, you can limit the number of freebies. For example, there is a maximum of 3 freebies per customer.
      • Whatever you say, web visitors will not instantly believe you. They will only trust fellow buyers. So, they don’t really care about your “outstanding product.” They are interesting on reading what other people are saying. Allocate a space for your top-rated products and thorough reviews. For sure, other customers will be curious on why this person recommended a particular product.
      • If you read BrightLocal’s survey, it reported that 73% of the customers agreed that they’re most likely trust online stores more when they see positive reviews on their website. This 2017 report just proved how affects that behavior of consumers online. Just remember to not share too many 5-star reviews because it’s obvious you’re selecting only the positive ones.
      • When people click on your products, there’s a chance they might not like what they click. To avoid dead ends, try to suggest related products at the bottom of the page in case they don’t like what they just viewed. Suggest other items they might like.  They wouldn’t immediately leave your website because of your interesting suggestion. You might end up recommending a product they actually want.
      • Learn from Amazon’s strategy! They always remind their customers that you might want to add this in your cart. There’s a section that says, “Customers also bought this item.” So, don’t forget to your share recommended products on your own product page.