Scottsdale Web Design – 5 Possible Remedies to Keyword Cannibalization

So far, I have taken up the 6 Adverse Consequences of Keyword Cannibalizaton on Your SEO. In that post, I covered the negative effects, such as reducing the authority of the page, watering down the links, depreciating authoritative pages, wasting crawl budget, and many others.

pie with one slice cut off

Are your content pages divided like a pie sliced into different portions?

Recognizing Keyword Cannibalization

If you know the issue, it is really easy to correct keyword cannibalization. First, all you need to do is open a spreadsheet and list the URLs. Also, you should add the keywords used as well. If you are able to mark some particularly that are crossing the core pages, you could be inflicted by the keyword cannibalization. Then, you are now ready to repair your pages.

Lastly, do not forget to double check if your title tags aims for the same set of keywords. Should you audit your website, look for thin content as well as keywords erroneously placed in the wrong page.

Repairing Keyword Cannibalization

It actually depends on the root cause. Here are the probable remedies:

  • Reorganize Your Site

A quick fix is to make your best authoritative page and make it your landing page that has connections to other different varieties of your preferred keywords.

For example, if your website has chocolate products, it is better to make “chocolate” the canonical source page and connect all the modifications back to “chocolate.”

  • Make your Own Landing Page

You could have inadequate landing page that can put together all of your product pages in one area. If this being the situation, then you’d have an advantage in building a different landing page to be your authoritative source page and connect to the entire alterations from that point. Going back to our example, you could do a page like “dark chocolates” and other variations of chocolate.

  • Combine your Content

Next, combine in just one page if your pages aren’t exemplary to ensure having many pages that aims for the same keyword, then merge the pages into a single page.

This is a good time to take the content pages that did not perform well, and change it to an authoritative source. That could also address your thin content concerns.

  • Look for Fresh Keywords

 Should you have great content-rich pages and your only problem is a badly planned keyword approach, this is telling you to come up with fresh keywords. Be careful, your keywords should aptly describe the content of your page.

  • Utilize 301 Redirect 

Utilizing a 301 redirect permits you to merge your cannibalized content by connecting all of the less pertinent pages to one better authoritative variant. Be aware, that this approach is good just for pages with identical content and matches particular keyword questions.


The above solutions can mostly repair keyword cannibalization but if you handle ecommerce site.  The good thing about keyword cannibalization is that solutions are easy to find and the harm is not lasting. Utilizing great tools and having that positive attitude can improve your SEO in no time. So, get to work now in order to avoid your content pages pitting with each other.